Thought Leaders Series

Wednesdays at 4:30pm | Starts Fall 2015
NVIDIA Auditorium, Huang Engineering Center, Stanford University

2014-15 Featured Speakers

You can never go wrong by overly focusing on people. It’s the biggest enabler of success or failure.

— Joshua Reeves
Co-Founder, ZenPayroll

Winter 2015

Before it’s your passion, it’s something you know nothing about.

— Tina Seelig
Professor of the Practice, Stanford Engineering

Fall 2014

It’s easier to teach the innovator how to be a CEO than to teach a CEO how to be an innovator.

— Ben Horowitz
Co-Founder, Andreessen Horowitz

Fall 2014

In the same way emotion connects customers to a brand, it connects a team to the work.

— Susan Koger
Co-Founder and Chief Creativity Officer, ModCloth

Spring 2015

The companies that are often successful in changing an industry are often not started by insiders.

— John Collison
Co-Founder, Stripe

Winter 2015

Spring 2015 Speakers

Sean George
Ron Gutman
Kyle Forster
Big Switch Networks
Kathleen Eisenhardt
Stanford Engineering
Mike Rothenberg
Rothenberg Ventures
Chinedu Echeruo
William Marshall
Planet Labs
Susan Koger


NVIDIA Auditorium
Jen Hsun Huang Engineering Center
475 Via Ortega
Stanford, CA 94305


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