“It’s very important that we have things that are exciting and inspiring for the future because, otherwise, why get up in the morning?”

Elon Musk

CEO, SpaceX and Tesla Motors

STVP Future Fest sponsored by DFJ — October 7, 2015

About the Series

In 1993, Stanford Engineering lecturer Tom Kosnik invited a startup founder to campus to discuss his entrepreneurial journey with a small group of Stanford students. Over the next 20 years this simple, yet powerful, experience grew into an official Management Science & Engineering course for thousands of Stanford students, and a popular series for hundreds of thousands of students, faculty and aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

Featuring talks from leaders in technology, business, finance, education and philanthropy, the Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series continues to educate and inspire. Presented by the Stanford Technology Ventures Program and BASES, we thank the venture capital firm of DFJ for their continued support of the series and entrepreneurship education at Stanford.


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STVP gratefully acknowledges DFJ for their continued support of this series and our mission to advance entrepreneurship education.